How to use Neutrons

A journey into the world of the neutron-generating fusion reactions. Background information to easily understand the technology of our generators

Neutron Generation Fusion Reactions

The physics of fusion interactions within the reaction chamber to release neutrons is illustrated below. The low pressure gas is ionized and the ions are accelerated by the high voltage induced electrostatic field. There is enough acquired kinetic energy above approximately 15kV for nuclear fusion of the low atomic number nuclii. Nominal voltage is about 90kV up to 120kV.


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There are various neutron interactions which yield gamma photons for spectral analysis. A good commercial neutron interrogation system must combine sensitive detectors which can discriminate the gamma photon energies and efficiently use most of the available gamma photons. Computing technology must rapidly process the raw detector data to provide meaningful information. The detectors must be able to operate without costly support such as a regular re-supply of liquid nitrogen coolant. The neutron source also must certainly be low maintenance tolerant and long lived.


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The neutron interactions may be used in various combinations for gamma spectroscopy, radiometric gauge measurement and imaging or PGNAA.