Operating our neutron generators is not only highly economic and user friendly but also very safe and low-risk

  • Only radiates neutrons when it is switched on
  • Consistent Output controlled by voltage and current
  • Industrial PC controlled
  • Safety interlock circuits provided
  • May allow more to be achieved with less total neutron output (MCNP analysis of line source required)
  • Contains no radioactive isotopes at delivery (D-D version)
  • Production rate of Tritium is extremely low due to self consumption
  • Lowest class for disposal of radioactive waste
  • Gas will be recovered during servicing
  • Chamber classified as an IAEA Class 7 UN2911 excepted package transport container
  • D-T/D-D version permits gas recovery and recharge
  • Free gas pressure in operating reactor chamber is a low grade vacuum
  • Leakage scenarios are below hazard definition limit
  • Welcomed by radiation safety authorities as a replacement for radionuclide neutron sources
  • May enable lower industrial insurance risk assessments and charges due to low inventory of radioactive isotope (tritium)
  • No environmentally harmful SF6-gas
  • No glass parts, no risk of releasing T during a leak