An overview of different applications and corresponding technologies of the NSD GRADEL FUSION neutron generators

The neutron interactions may be used in various combinations for gamma spectroscopy, radiometric gauge measurement and imaging.

PGNAA stands for "Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis". It is well established in online cement analyzer systems. The next generation of cement and coal analyzers can greatly benefit from the NSD GRADEL FUSION neutron generator which has superior life cycle economics and versatility.

Explosive Detection Systems that use neutron interactions measure the relative abundance of unique gamma spectral peaks such as that produced by nitrogen which occurs in almost all explosive compounds.

Contraband Detection Systems use the neutron-gamma reactions to measure the spectra and compare the actual with a library of spectral signatures for a possible match for various prohibited substances and exclusion of safe substances.

Neutron radiography is also feasible by new and innovative design of Non Destructive Examination (NDE) systems.

Neutrons can be used for carrying out a radiography. For that we use a szintillator and a very sensitive CDD camera. Gradel is actually finalizing a project for a nuclear power plant. The objective is to demonstrate the capacity of absorbtion of neutrons of a control rod.

The neutrons which are not captured by the Boron will hit the szintillator. Then this szintillator will emit photons.

After a measurement time of approximately 15 minutes, the CDD camera provides a radiography picture which allows to conclude about the effectiviness of the control rod.

The Boron Neutron Capture reaction is being developed as a medical therapy.