The NSD GRADEL FUSION neutron generators are available in different geometries


NSD GRADEL FUSION has developed a unique linear geometry neutron generator. This may be envisaged as a fluorescent light tube but emitting neutrons. It is not a linear accelerator. It is not a derivative of a nuclear weapon "trigger". It is not "a short lived sealed tube neutron generator". There is no solid target. The sealed device is very robust and reusable.

The length of the neutron emission zone may be specified by the customer. The shortest practical length is 35mm. A typical length is 350mm. Longer electrodes are feasible. Such sub-assemblies can be connected to produce a segmented source length of  many meters within one reaction chamber volume. A typical application may be Online Analysis of bulk materials quality monitoring and for chemical process control.



Three basic configurations are offered:

Short version
Suited for those applications that require point-like sources.

Long version
The length of the fusion zone (line source length) can be specified by the customer.
The long version may be engineered to a folded configuration.

Multiple Chamber Version
This configuration presents only marginally more cost than a single barrel version. It delivers a wall source of neutrons at a cost that cannot be approached by multiple neutron sources. The multi-cylinder layout shares the thermal load and thereby handles more power for greater neutron emission rates.