NSD-350-8 or 18-C Neutron Generator

DD 2.5 MeV or DT 14 MeV options

  • Intelligent fail-safe automation control
  • Emergency stop and door switch external interlock loops plus extra inputs for dosimeter alarm signals
  • Remote connection watchdog
  • LB112 dosimeter integration interface
  • UN2911 Class 7 excepted transport package (applicable to DT or TT only)
  • No environmentally harmful SF6 -gas
  • DD/DT/TT gas is stored in a solid getter pump for vacuum pressure in the sealed reaction chamber at room temperature (no risk of outward gas leakage)
  • No breakable glass components


  • Electrode and fusion emission zone length in middle of reaction chamber: 350 mm
  • DD 2.5 MeV neutron yield: maximum ~4 x107 n/s output with 8 kW and ~9 x 107 n/s with 18 kW
  • DT 14 MeV neutron yield (65 x DD)
  • max. input power 8 or 18 kW high voltage DC
  • Greater than 20,000 hour lifetime
  • Non-pulsed continuous operation
  • Quick start to near full output
  • Stable and repeatable operation
  • Outer casing is at ground potential
  • Reaction chamber: 1300 mm long. 135 mm O.D.
  • Neutron emission module ~ 25 kg
  • Input power 400VAC ±10% 3 phase Y configuration
  • VNC control HMI over LAN via any PC
  • OPC or Webservice for integration into systems
  • Automated unattended operation for industrial applications
  • Submersible option
  • Neutron count rate (accepts neutron detector pulses) and availability monitor for gating of momentary outages.
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