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Developer and manufacturer of DD, DT and TT industrial, linear geometry, plasma-gas target, longest life neutron generators
Longer Lifetime
More Neutrons
Better Lifecycle Costs
Robust for Industry
Industrial neutron generators with an endurance measured in years!

NSD-GRADEL-FUSION has developed a different neutron generation technology to industrial maturity. The reactor chamber is an improvement to the traditional spherical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) device. It provides a linear geometry neutron source which has great flexibility to be designed to optimize industrial neutron applications systems.

The NSD neutron generator is a relatively simple way to achieve sustained nuclear fusion. While the possibility to scale the simple technology up to achieve more power output than input can be debated, there is no doubt that the technology provides a credible neutron source without the disadvantages of a life limiting solid target as found in common neutron tubes.


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30th September 2014 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION will present at the Neutron Users Club meeting, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK.

10th February 2013 - The following position has now been filled:

  • Electrical or automation Engineer/Physicist as a software developer for nuclear measurement systems

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15 October 2012 - 2nd International Symposium on Development of CBRN Defence Capabilities in Berlin on 22 - 24 October.


13th October 2012 - Next meeting of the GDMB Chemists' Committee (Society for Mining, Metallurgy, Resource and Environmental Technology) in Kassel on November 20 - 21


17th September 2012 - NSD has been awarded a contract to supply NSD-35 DT neutron generator to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Purdue Unboxing

27th August 2012 - NSD-35 DD neutron generator has arrived at Purdue University (USA) and is currently being set up. Read more on the blog Dark Matters @ Purdue

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16th August 2012 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION attended the "8. Kieler Marktplatz" on the topic of "Munitions in the sea", in view of the usage of neutrons for UXO identification - 14th August, IHK Kiel, Germany

1st August 2012 - Two new vacancies are currently listed on the jobs page:

  • Electrical Engineer/Physicist as a software developer for nuclear measurement systems
  • Nuclear Physics/Engineering simulation Internship

Dr. Rafael Lang and NG

3rd July 2012 - Assistant Professor Dr. Rafael F. Lang of Purdue University Department of Physics visited NSD-GRADEL-FUSION, received training and provided acceptance for the NSD-35 watercooled and submersible neutron generator to be used for Dark Matter Search (see SPIEGEL article) as part of the XENON1T experiment at Purdue University (USA) and at Gran Sasso (Italy). We are pleased to add Purdue University to our list of customers.

Submersible NG

24th June 2012 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION has recently completed design and assembly of a fully submersible & water cooled neutron generator head for use under water. For more information please see the hardware page (also includes new product photos).

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20th April 2012 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION presented at the Sensor Based Sorting 2012 Conference on the topic "Industrial Neutron Based Elemental Analysis" - April 17 - 19th, Eurogress, Aachen, Germany

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1st November 2011 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION will present at the Neutron Users Club meeting, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK.

6th October 2010 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION presented at the Neutron Users Club meeting, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK.

August 2010 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION completed construction of a new shielded test facility.

March 2010 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION attended the 1st ADS Accelerator Driven Systems Conference - Karlsruhe, Germany

March 2010 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION attended the Sensor Based Sorting 2010 Conference - Eurogress, Aachen, Germany

Sept 2009 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION attended the Conference on Maritime Container Security - Bremen, Germany

Please see our ContainerProbe-Net page.

May 2009 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION exhibited at the International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Research Applications and Utilization of Accelerators. Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency, in cooperation with the American Nuclear Society

Dec 2008 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION consolidated its operations under one roof. We moved into an industrial building which is close to our previous office location.

Aug 2008 - NSD-GRADEL-FUSION exhibited at the Thirteenth International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy which was organized by the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the University of Cologne.

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