NSD GRADEL FUSION developed a different neutron generation technology
for industrial maturity.


An  operational lifetime up to 20 000 hours

A higher specific power

A high output in the most compact form, absolutly constant, stable, and repeatable.

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Neutron Generator made by NSD GRADEL FUSION


NSD GRADEL FUSION developed a different neutron generation technology to industrial maturity. This technology offers:

  • An operational lifetime up to 20 000 hours where other technologies available on the market roughly achieve 4000 hours.
  • A high output in the most compact form, absolutly constant, stable, and repeatable.
  • A safe operational process.
  • Operational under water.
  • A fast start to maximum performance.
  • The lowest life cycle cost neutron generator on the market.


Neutron generators of the latest technology with multiple possible applications

Neutron generators are used for materials analysis, non-destructive testing, and can bring cost-reducing capabilities to various industries; these including oilfield operations, heavy industries, art conservancy, security, medicine, and many more. Where radioactive isotope neutron sources cannot be stopped or turned off, electric neutron generators can be switched off and remain inert and safe to handle when not in use. Conventional neutron generators impose a high life cycle cost. A better type of neutron generator with much longer operating life with a isotropic linear geometry are unique advantages of our technology. Our patented, long-life neutron generators produce neutrons by fusing isotopes of hydrogen. They do on small scales what the sun does on large scales.


NSD GRADEl FUSION guarantees complete support, assistance and handling of your projects based on both our long-term experience and established infrastructure

NSD GRADEL FUSION has extensive experience with Research & Development projects focused on industrial solutions. Our core team can provide support in development of applications using neutrons: feasibility studies, prototype development, and realization of industrial applications. We maintain our own production and test facility and can provide testing and measurements related to neutron emissions. To answer questions about the application and shielding of neutrons, a simulation analysis approach can be implemented. The tools available to GRADEL for such nuclear particle and radiation analysis are MCNP6. The most widely known tool is MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle). The user defines a three dimensional model with radiation source and monitor positions. Other input factors are: shielding, collimation, structure, neutron thermalising material, the object to be probed, and related environment factors. The Monte Carlo code generates hundreds of thousands of particles in random directions. Probable reactions that occur as the radiation is transported are computed. Statistics are accumulated during the simulation. Analysis of these results shows the trends. Thereby, the model can be refined in order to find an optimal configuration. We have significant experience in neutrons simulations and can provide this kind of services to its customers. GRADEL can also offer various shielding solutions to meet the requirements of authorities, adapted to the needs of our customers.



Soil sample

Leakage of stored contaminants can damage surrounding soil. Contamination can affect soil and pollutants end up more or less tightly bound in soil bodies. Soil remediation is possible, however this activity is associated with time, effort and high cost. Alternatively, in many cases of long-term storage, constant entry and high accumulation of outside contaminants can severely damage contents. This pdf shows an accurate determination of the contaminated areas necessary to achieve a cost reduction.





Our neutron generators provide long neutron emission chambers or multi-head configurations which have operation lifetimes of many years. The servicing interval will not be dictated by a central cartridge that burns out or erodes in just a few thousand hours of operation. Life cycle economics are most attractive. A configuration or arrangement of gamma detectors, shielding, moderator and neutron generator can be varied to suit your needs

Soil Sample in Space

Asteroids, meteorites and comets may have high levels of precious metals, rare earth metals, or other useful materials, which may be important for the development of space travel and resource recovery of the future. In the asteroid belt there are many metal-rich objects with valuable materials which could cover the needs of industrial metals for decades. Furthermore, they are necessary to ensure exploring distant planets.

Spectroscopic studies of comets, asteroids and meteorites with autonomous or controlled spacecraft will gain even more importance in the future

Applications area

Neutron interactions may be used in various combinations for gamma spectroscopy, radiometric gauge measurement and imaging.


The possible radiography of our generators will - in future times - provide more security in terms of luggage inspection, explosive agents and contraband goods detection


In the course of initiating transatlantic trade- and investment cooperation and further free trade agreements inspections of cargo will drastically increase (oversea containers, security aspects and spectroscopy)


Neutron generators as a source of neutrons for scientific and medical applications

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